Minneapolis, Minnesota

ORGANIZER: Kris Bigalk

CONTACT: kris.bigalk@normandale.edu

ORGANIZER: Paula Cisewski

CONTACT: paulacisewski@yahoo.com

Dear Twin Cities’ poet friends and compatriots,

My husband Jack & I would like to invite you to come on over to our humble home with a 3-4 minute poem to read and an idea you’d like to share about change so that we can film you, collect all the videos on a blog commemorating the day, and discuss how we’d like to celebrate this event more publically in future years. Please look below for a time slot that might suit you and let us know which, but feel free to come and visit! We have a moon labyrinth to walk and much good will.

We will have a constant flow of coffee and lemonade, as well as some light snacks. Feel free, too, to bring a dish or a beverage to pass.

Recording Schedule (I will keep this as up to date as I am able! Also, please know this isn’t a perfect system. Neither my personal email nor my facebook contacts is a perfect system. If I’ve omitted somebody, please let me know!)

12:00 Jeffrey Skemp

12:15 Paula Cisewski

12:30 Elisabeth Workman

12:45 Kris Bigalk

1:00 Lynette Reini-Grandell


1:30 Heid Erdrich

1:45 Robert Grunst

2:00 Matt Mauch

2:15 John Colburn

2:30 Sarah Fox

2:45 Dobby Gibson

3:00 Kelly Everding

3:15 Eric Lorberer

3:30 Wendy Brown-Baez

3:45 Anh-Hoa Nguyen

4:00 Steve Healey

4:15 Luke Pingel


4:45 Maria Damon

5:00 Tammy Wenberg

5:15 Haley Lache

5:30 Laura Brandenburg


All best,

Paula & Jack

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Minneapolis, Minnesota — 2 Comments

  1. Details? I live in Minneapolis and might be interested in participating (if I don’t have a conflict), so I’ll watch this page and see what develops.

  2. [file]http://www.bigbridge.org/100thousandpoetsforchange/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/TheWaterHorse.doc[/file]

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