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    100000 Poets for Change is on this Saturday across Ireland, with seven confirmed events and venues.

    A global event, it will be the largest poetry reading in the world, and will be archived by the LOCKSS system at Stanford University in the USA.

    Tullamore is doing the following:

    * Online poetry channel

    * Flyer drop of poems in cafés in the town

    * Culture Night reading in Edenderry the night previous

    * Roma Film Fund have an online poetry channel featuring poems of Irish Travellers and the Roma community across Europe.

    * Anthony Sullivan had his 911 Poem published in the Tribune, a local paper

    * Budapest Hungary is featuring poems from the PREDA event from myself Anthony Sullivan and Ken Hume on their Poetry Wall

    * We partook in the PREDA Fundraiser for Fr. Shay Cullen in Dublin last month, whose website published our poems on their website

  2. Here is the set list Ill be reading from in Edenderry this evening.

    In addition, Ken Hume will be reading Anthony Sullivans 911 poem, as well as his own work.

  3. Pictures from the Edenderry Library reading for 100,000 Poets for Change.

    We had planned to do a reading for the 100000 Poets for Change event in Tullamore, but a family illness on my part, and sheer lack of co-ordination meant it did not come to be. While quering venues, our good friend Ken Hume got invitede to Culture Night in Edenderry, an annual culturalevent in Ireland, held for the first time outside of Ireland.

    And so we renegades of the Tullamore Rhymers Club decided to infiltrate the event and merge ours with theirs, and so a day early we kicked off 100000 Poets for Change at the Culture Night in the Library in Edenderry in Co. Offaly… as you do!

    The eveening started off with Irish traditional music from members of Edenderry Ceoltas (Irish music society) that featured a man and a number of young relatives on banjo / ukelele, accordians and a harp, the latter of which was excellent considering the young age of the harpist.

    A talk, morelike conversation from Geraldine O’ Neill about how she got into writing stories and books kept all agog for a half hour or so, after which we had a break for more wine, skewered cheeses, salmon on crackers and other delicacies I could not recognise but ate reguardless. It must have been the wine, but they tasted lovely reguardless!!!

    After that Ken Hume read out poems about a local charachter here in Tullamore, and another two poems, and read Anthony Sullivans 911 piece recently published in the Midland Tribune.

    Then his mother Triona read out two of her pieces to great acclaim.

    She was followed by a local poetess Fionnula ? who had three evocative non rhyming poems, one on the loss of her sister as a child, and another on street signs of all things, and my favourite one, about the bog.

    Being up next, I kept to the theme and read my poem “Walking the Bog”, followed it up with “Out of Tune” before finishing up with “Fate and Faiths”.

    Geraldine O Neill took the stage again and gave tips about writing, afterwhich the usual thanks to all was given by the county librarian and the librarian of Edenderry, and we had a chat and mingled a bit before heading home from a very enjoyable night.

    – The crowd mingle

    The crowd are enraptured by Foinnulla, a local Edenderry poet

    The harpists plays, the crowd relaxes, and Geraldine O’ Neill opens the night

    -The crowd mingle

    – A few words said at the end

  4. “Occupy” The Wall Street Occupation 2011

    Wall Street was occupied multiple times by anti-capitalist and anti-globalization protestors in the past weeks. These protestors get minimum coverage in the mainstream media, so it is left to viral news videos on YouTube and Indymedia, Twitter and Facebook to get the message out there, that at the heart of the American financial system founded on Usury, there are people objecting, protesting and making their voices heard. They can ignore the people, but they cannot keep them silent. They canb control where the people walk on the streets, but they cant keep the people off of the streets.

    I have had enough!
    Bankers gamble with money: we
    Pay with our lives…

    We will be heard loud
    Whose future is destroyed by them
    Whose gain is our loss

    Our tomorrow will
    Be better, for we all now
    Occupy today

    We occupy here
    Greedy capitalism’s heart
    We squeeze out its life

    What’s my job, you ask?
    Fight injustice, for justice
    That’s all of our jobs!

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