Montreal, Quebec

ORGANIZER: Betty Esperanza


Montreal blog for 100 TPC event!

“Montrealers use your words to fight against apathy. Musicians, dancers, artists, digital wizards, volunteers, leaders, rainmakers and poets of all shapes and sizes; WE NEED YOU! No experience necessary! Email: and submit your talent. You are the difference!”

Video “It’s The Big Bang” courtesy of The Virtual City- Hip Hop Rappers LB da Wizard and Mysteery Productions. Montreal, Quebec, Canada ©2011

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Montreal, Quebec — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Artists, Humanitarian Junkies and Influencers,
    Montreal and the entire province of Quebec is welcome to contribute their art, poetry, ideas to this forum. We are in need of volunteers, influencers, digital maestros and rainmakers. Please send me your skype, email or telephone numbers.

    We will organize a meeting of the minds!
    Words change lives!
    Betty Esperanza
    Montreal Organizer

    ­I do not believe in frontiers, barriers and flags.
    I believe that we all belong, independently of latitudes and longitudes, to the same family,
    which is the human family.
    Vittorio Arrigoni

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