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  1. “Oppressed ”

    I am a loaded gun
    I am a bird with folded wings
    I know I’m the marked one
    ‘Round my feet are imagined rings.
    Any time I will burst forth and fly
    Now on, I will crackle and not cry.

    (c) Max Babi ( a poem I wrote at recent TISS (Mumbai)-organised workshop on “Noetic Action”)

    • Noetic theory or noëtics from the philosophical terms noētikos (mental) from noein (to perceive with the mind) is an alternative metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intuition, and its relationship with a proposed divine intellect. Among its principal purposes are the study of the effects of perceptions, beliefs, and intentions on human consciousness.

      The theory of noetics centers around the idea that the human mind is capable of affecting work or events or even doing work in the physical world. It is suggested that thought and spirit are not, in fact, imaginary, but are Bose or photon based, meaning essentially that the mind can be quantified by formulae which describe quantum materials such as light. This is a radical conclusion, as many people consider thoughts to be weightless. Noetic theory claims that just as gravity affects all matter, thoughts do as well.

      Excerpt from

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