Asunción, Paraguay — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t be in Paraguay, but would someone read my poem for me?
    ASUNCION, AUGUST 1, 2004
    Everyone lost something./No one escaped a loss./The flame started small,/ engulfed three stories/ of shoppers and diners./ Exits were blocked/ to prevent looting./Trapped voices screamed/ “Socorro. Socorro.”/ Four hundred perished./ Charred bodies in rows,/ some never identified.

    Money-grubbing owners/ saved their skins/ but not their souls./ From locked jail cells,/ no one hears their pleas./ A nation mourns,/ cries for justice.

    Everyone lost something./ No Paraguayan escaped/ — untouched.

    (c) Peg Nichols, member Kansas/Paraguay Partners of the Americas

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