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  1. Thanks so much Micheal for permitting us to participate in your momentous undertaking.
    My poet list at the moment is Miss Karen Dack – a twice published author and an amazing poet. We are hoping to add many more names to this list so call (613)779-5695 or email me and I’ll update as soon as you confirm.

  2. Well the list from Belleville is expanding as I promised… Karen Dack, Barry Day, Steve Hayman, James Moore, Hayden, Doug Roy and Brian Tremblay as well as many musicians who will be attending as well as contributing.

    WOW we may be a small town but the talent is amazing!!!!!

  3. DAWN by Steven Hayman (1977)
    In a far away land a long time ago,
    God wrote a tale of a dream that I would have.
    A Dawn appeared through the clouds,
    Bearing a gift, a beautiful song.
    She said:
    It’s a song for all yet it seen by only a few.
    I welcomed her with a smile.
    She said in my world the day has changed,
    Where people grow by giving up their hearts.
    A place where my hand may be held in oneness….
    I grew in this Dawn and I sang her lovely song,
    Then the infant born the Dawn cried goodbye,
    I ran, I ran to hold her hand, asking her to stay.
    A tear-drop framed her smile and she said….
    I’m always there, a loving friend,
    Whenever you need me, SING,
    Please sing, sing if you can.
    Sing soon…..
    And the Dawn faded away into the orange shadow of the moon

  4. All three poems authored by James Moore.
    In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found
    Fallen leaves, fallen leaves…. on the ground
    I hitched a ride, until the coast to leave behind,
    all of my ghosts searching for something I couldn’t find
    at home…..
    Hope, love, change, life, tea …… to me
    make everything better like the weather on the sunny day
    rain on the brain!
    Clouds hope and change,
    wish it would stay away.
    Fall, night and day
    and day and night
    leaves fall
    from the trees
    People come and people go
    in life
    wind blows then it snows
    Life goes on…….

  5. The Studio Cafe.
    T – is for thoughtful and terrific
    H – is for helpful and heartfelt
    E – is for enjoyable and enticing
    S – is for singing and sensitive
    T – is for tea and talking
    U – is for universal and unique understanding
    D – is for dreaming and direction
    I – is for interesting and impressionable
    O – is for organized and overwhelming
    C – is for creative and caring
    A – is for astonishing and appreciative
    F – is for feeling and fascinating
    E – is for enjoyable and entertaining
    The Studio Cafe is a good place to go to have great food, to listen to music,
    poems and have a good time with new people, with your friends or to come in
    and have a very good time!!

  6. Homeless
    I saw a homeless person the other day
    Did I help?
    Or just look the other way and walk away
    Please don’t look down on the homeless in their situation
    Stop throwing your accusations
    Sometimes it is no fault of their own
    It is that they are without a home
    No place to lay their head
    No soft bed
    In life there will always be the have and the have nots
    Help any way you choose if this is not your lot
    Think about what it would be like walking in their shoes
    Please help if you can, remember God say to love our fellow man
    Not just in word but in deed
    When we see a need.
    Karen Dack

  7. When I Change my Life.
    By changing my thinking,
    I change my beliefs
    I change my life.
    When I change my beliefs
    I change my expectations
    I change my life.
    When I change my expectations,
    I change my attitudes
    I change my life.
    When I change my attitude,
    I change my behaviour,
    I change my life.
    When I change my behaviour,
    I change my performance,
    I change my life.
    When I change my performance,
    I change my life,
    I change my life to be the man I am right now.
    Barry Day

  8. What would you do?
    If a youth is beaten to death today or commits suicide today because they were gay
    What would you say?
    What would you do?
    What if you found out the victim was related to you?
    Does having a different mind give excuse to be unkind?
    What if no one showed compassion and showed they didn’t care?
    Why would any one want to go there?
    What if the victim was blamed, their life style an excuse not to get involved?
    Is this how creation has evolved?
    What if we didn’t try to stop all the hate?
    Do something now before it is too Late!
    The Prince of Peace said “Put down those stones – throwing them isn’t the way”
    So to the one in need be
    A Good Samaritan today!
    Written after viewing the Laramie Project.
    Dedicated to A + J, D + G, J, D +P, and Ellen D. (who made an appearance in the
    Laramie Project)
    Karen Dack

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