"Krusevac"-Belgrade, Serbia

ORGANIZER: Radmilo Ristic
CONTACT: radmilo_ristic@yahoo.com

Our event will be held in Belgrade (capital of Serbia) on Sep 24, 2011, at 06:00 PM in the hotel “Krusevac”, Mihajla Bogicevica street 5.
Organizers are: The Association of writers in Kragujevac and The literary Community of Yugoslavia.

The participants in the program at the poetry meeting of our Association of writers from Kragujevac are: Milan Vukovic, Radenko Bjelanovic, Zivota Markovic, Golub Jasovic, Ziza Markovic, Ilija Stepanovic, Nenad Milosavljevic and Radmilo Ristic.

Radmilo Ristic

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