Zadar, Croatia

ORGANIZER: Iva Pejkovic


Poets will gather in Zadar, Croatia, Saturday 12 am, in “LiBar”, caffe -bar in our local Library.
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    Is poetry reading forever gone int he past?

    Together with another 500 cities of a hundred countries, Zadar is now enrolled at the world map of poetry. World Poetry Movement action called ‘100 000 poets for change’ for the first time took place in Croatia – Zadar is one of six cities that joined the event.

    Across the world, exactly at 12 noon local time on the streets, squares, libraries and coffee shops, poets gather, with the aim of encouraging the social and political change. Members of Zadar writers society ‘Zapis’ and their guests, poetry lovers, showed how much powerful poetry is. They read their own poetry and anthology poets at caffe LiBar at the City Library Zadar.

    The event was held in a relaxed atmosphere, so we heard Cesaric, Sop, Dezulovic, Jesenjin, and we heard lyrics that belonged to authors of Zadar.

    Event was open to everybody, so visitors spontaneously joined, LiBar has proved to be an ideal place to meet lovers of literature. In addition to the interpretation of the verses, poets talked about literature, publishing and future plans.

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