Big Gulf of Coast 100 Thousand Musicians Awareness event is coming together. Check this out!

In addition to various important 100 TMC events all around the world, There is a Big Gulf Coast 100 Thousand Musicians Awareness event that is now coming together. Check this one out. The idea is that on September 29 there will be gigs all over the Gulf Coast in solidarity and in awareness of Gulf ecosystem and crisis that still exists there. Please let me know if you would like to coordinate an event in your community for this event, and I will sign you up and create a blog page for your event on the 100TPC website. Look forward to hearing from you. We have events now in Baton Rouge,LA, Lafayette,LA,, New Orleans, LA, Port Sulphur, LA, Slidell, LA, Erath, LA, Long Beach, Mississippi and Gulf Shores, Alabama so far. Look forward to turning up the volume. Let’s do it all at once!!

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