WE DID IT. We reached our Kickstarter Fundraising Goal. We've added a new pledge reward!


We’ve reached our fundraising goal! And with 26 days to spare! Wow! Thanks so much to all of our backers for making this possible. We appreciate your generous response! But, we do have some time left to make this fundraiser a really great success, so let’s keep it going and see where we end up on June 7th!

This is getting exciting!  Let’s get started.

We have added a new $20+ pledge reward to encourage everyone to donate and help us raise as much additional funds as possible! And you still get the $1 and $15 rewards as well with this $20+ pledge. Of, course, you can always donate more than $20 and all the current pledge rewards will apply. And for our backers who already donated at the $20+ level and helped us reach our goal, this reward is retroactive! So everyone gets to participate.

The $20+ pledge reward will give you the opportunity to have a poem of your choice read and live streamed world-wide at the 100 TPC Headquarters Event on September 29th! For only $20 your poem will be heard all over the world, and become part of the Stanford University LOCKSS archive as well!

The poem will be read by either Terri, Michael, or another poet that will be part of the reading at the Headquarters that night (location still to TBA), and you never know who might drop by to read your poem.

There are, however, a few guidelines for the poem.

  •   The theme of the poem must be about peace & sustainability.
  •   It can be your own poem or a poem by a poet you admire.
  •   The poem can’t be any longer than 3 minutes.

That’s it!

With the extra money we make from these continued donations we will be able to really amp up our tech support for live streaming, and enhance our development of the Web Stream Hub at the 100TPC.org website where 100 TPC organizers world wide will be sharing their channel links. Our 100 TPC Web Stream Hub will develop much more smoothly with this extra tech support.

We will also be able to expand our vision for the Live Stream Space at the Headquarters Event by adding more monitors to broadcast the global events to event attendees. Imagine 10 or more screens mounted on a wall broadcasting amazing events from all over the planet, as they happen, for example…

The Melville Poetry Festival in Johannesburg South Africa, a major gathering of poets focused on a creating a culture in which poetry continues to play a vital role in challenging injustice and the societal status quo’.

In Pasadena, CA Tibetan poets and musicians will read poems and play music to bring awareness of the Tibetan culture that is on the brink of extinction and to raise concerns about imprisoned poets and writers.

Poets in Mexico will organize and broadcast the first inter high-school Spoken Word Fest in Mexico City.

In Tunisia there will be a show outside on the Avenue Habib BourGuiba with music and poetry during the day. Children will participate with a song as well. A poetry evening will follow in a cultural-space along with a book exhibition, and two musical groups.

A great festival in Strumica, Macedonia, an event that will bring together creative people and poets from across the country! Storytellers, musicians, poetry lovers, and all people will speak about the biggest problems on Earth and help promote planetary cultural heritage via poetic actions & readings.

In New Orleans, Louisiana musicians and poets will bring the youth, arts and music community together, with a day and night of entertainment by 10 blues bands performing to raise money for the Musicians Clinic, to focus on providing health and social services support for musicians in need.

NYC will hold the most hilarious event by New York’s most outrageous lit clans – Feminist Poets in Low-Cut Blouses vs. the Unbearables who will celebrate the right to freedom as artists.

And there are many (many) more confirmed events that will be broadcast on September 29th. And remember, the 100 TPC HQ Event will be broadcast back out to the rest of the world and will include a reading of your favorite peace and sustainability poem. All this for only $20!

So, tell all your friends, encourage your loved ones, heck, tell strangers on the street to donate to the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Kickstarter Campaign. September 29th is going to be an amazing day and we can all be a part of it.

I hope you will join us.

And, once again, a HUGE thank you and hug to all our current backers.


Michael & Terri

P.S.  Please enjoy this video from the 100 TPC 2011 event in Bucharest, Romania  and experience some high tech poetry on the biggest media electronic facade in Continental Europe!

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