The next global  event will take place on… September 30th, 2017

 If you would like to organize an event in your neighborhood please contact us at walterblue@bigbridge.org or visit the  SIGN UP Page.


About 100 Thousand Poets for Change

a 501(c)(3) Non- Profit Organization

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100 Thousand Poets for Change began in March of 2011.

Below is the original mission statement for the organization.



Do you want to join other poets, musicians, and artists around the USA

and across the planet in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for

serious social, environmental and political change?

1) What kind of a change are we talking about?

2) I want to organize in my area. How do we begin to organize?

“What kind of CHANGE are we talking about?”

The first order of change is for poets, writers, musicians, artists, activists to get together to create and perform, educate and demonstrate, simultaneously, with other communities around the world. This will change how we see our local community and the global community. We have all become incredibly alienated in recent years. We hardly know our neighbors down the street let alone our creative allies who live and share our concerns in other countries. We need to feel this kind of global solidarity. It will be empowering.

And of course there is the political/social change that many of us are talking about these days. There is trouble in the world. Wars, violation of human rights, ecocide, racism, genocide, gender inequality, homelessness, the lack of affordable medical care, police brutality, religious persecution, poverty, censorship, animal cruelty, the list goes on and on.

It appears that transformation towards a more sustainable world is a major concern and could be a global guiding principle for 100 TPC events. Peace also seems to be a common cause. War is not sustainable. There is an increasing sense that we need to move forward and stop moving backwards. But we are not trying not to be dogmatic. We hope that together we can develop our ideas of the “change/transformation” we are looking for as a global community , and that each local community group will decide their own specific area of focus for change for their particular event. All we ask is that local communities organize events about change within the guidelines of peace and sustainability.

“I want to organize in my area. How do we begin to organize?”

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