Livestream Hub 2014

Livestream Hub September 27th, 2014


Wed. Sept. 24th

Sacred Grounds Cafe SF
7:00pm PSTé

Fri. Sept, 26th

Birkirkara, Malta
7:00PM (GMT+2)

Sat. Sept. 27th

Montevideo, Uruguay
8:00pm – 10:00pm in UTC-03

Milan Italy
7:00PM (UTC+01:00)

Athens, Greece
20:00 (Athens time zone +2)

Pune, India
09.00 IST (Indian Standard Time)

San Diego, California
1:00PM PST

Missoula Montana
4:00-8pm MST

Manhattan, NY
3:00pm EST

Claremont, California

Los Angeles Poet’s Society
2:00-10PM PST

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