Novel Rights


What Is “Novel Rights”?

“Novel Rights” is a social enterprise which specializes in art projects for NGOs.

“Novel Rights” strongly believes in the power of art, especially the power of literature to drive change and motivate people to take action.

“Novel Rights” aims  to create special arts projects, which will ‘fit’ the unique needs of Human Rights and Social Change organizations.

“Novel Rights” is independent of any political ideology or religion.

“Novel Rights” main goals are:

  • To bond art and artists to the values of Social Change and Human Rights and the organizations who work to promote them
  • To further develop the connection between Human Rights and Literature and to create ‘human rights’  literature
  • To help Human Rights and Social Change organizations make a bigger impact on society
  • To spread Human Rights values
  • To increase support for Human Rights organizations

“Novel Rights” welcomes all human rights and social change organizations, arts organizations, artists, authors and individuals who wish to create relevant art projects  -individually or collectively – for the benefit of society.


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