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  1. También me gustaría que aparezca mi fotografía como organizadora de los 100 mil poetas por el cambio en Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, México. Gracias y abrazos

  2. “Pegasi International Albania” and “Family and Media the Power for Change” ju ftojne ne eventin “100 Thousand Poets & Artists for Change 2015”- takimi i pervitshem me poetet dhe artistet nga Tirana e rrethe te tjera te Shqiperise, ne lokalin “Tirana Park”; jeni te mirepritur te deklamoni poezine tuaj me kete rast.

  3. Global event 100 Thousand Poets, Musicians & Artists for Change 2015 ran successfully in Tirana Park with a poet, artist, painter and singer; Kozeta Zavalani, Enrieta Sina, Flutura Maçi, Perikli Shuli, Drita Shuli, Xhelal Luca, Neil Ruci, Diana Ruci, Farida Zmijani Ramadani, Pellumb Alia, Hekuran Rapaj, Mikel Zavalani, Elidona Lamnica, Nikoll N. Ulndreaj, Miranda Rapaj, Sulltana Muca, Alba Muca, Lumturi Ymeri Bersava, Murat Zeka, Virxhinia Selmani, Tea Selmani, Hajrije Enda Maci, Lea Muca, Osmon Bojaxhiu: poetic and artistic event for a different world, for a better life.

  4. Hi to all,
    Hope you will be fine and doing well.

    Let me inform you that fortunately today we have two gathering at Kabul Afghanistan, One is separated for female and the second is for Afghan male poets, artists and writers.

    Best regards,
    Noor Gul Shafaq
    Kabul Afghanistan

  5. thank you for putting up such legacy for the human race.
    i already sent my photo thru your email for this page. all the best!

    FROM: Caroline Nazareno-Gabis a.k.a. Ceri Naz
    Organizer of PSU voices and vibes

  6. 100 Thousand Poets, Musicians & Artists for Change 2016 ran successfully in Tirana Luna Park from the International Poetry League of Writers and Artists “Pegasi” Albania. Among participants spotted the revolt to change the current situation, for a better world for the future; poets, painters, musicians, singers and representatives of art and culture as Kristaq Shabani, Kozeta Zavalani, Flutura Maçi, Perikli Shuli, Drita Shuli, Xhelal Luca, Hekuran Rapaj, Nexhi Hasani, Anastas Nika, Murat Zeka, Mirela Dilka, Endri Beqo, Virxhinia Selmani, Tea Selmani, Hajrije Maci, etj. The event was followed by the promotion of the book to the singer Vaske Curri and ended with the Universal Declaration of Peace from Lnpsha Pegasi Albania.

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