Baltimore, Maryland

ORGANIZER: Virginia Crawford


ORGANIZER: Laura Shovan



Baltimore Book Festival

Living Poetry “Flash” Mob

DATE: September 24, 2011
LOCATION: City Lit Stage

Be part of the 100,000 Poets for Change worldwide event! Poets Virginia Crawford and Laura Shovan are hosting a spontaneous poetry composition that you’ll want to try on for size. Attendees wearing Living Poetry Flash tee-shirts will “be arranged” into written on-the-spot, living poems. Tee-shirts can be made at home (instructions at or picked up Friday and Saturday at the CityLit Stage. No tee-shirt? No problem. Flash your poetry prowess by composing a living poem on the spot. Poems will be photographed and posted at the 100,000 Poets for Change website:


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Baltimore, Maryland — 2 Comments

  1. Is there an event that regional poets can come to? Or a plan to send poems to members of Congress or the state legislature?

  2. June — We will be at the Baltimore Book Festival.

    12 PM, a family friendly event, “Living Poetry” — people can construct poems on the spot (details will be posted soon)

    12:30 PM, the journal Little Patuxent Review, which I edit, is sponsoring a panel discussion, “Poets for Social Justice.” 100 TPC organizers have the info and should be putting it up soon.

    Both events will be in the CityLit tent.


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