Boulder, Colorado

ORGANIZER: Thom Peters


LOCATION: The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse, Boulder Colorado 80302′

TIME: 8pm-11pm

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Boulder, Colorado — 2 Comments

  1. Blessed be the poets
    who by nature are for change.
    These days even small change adds up.
    I’ve got a 5 pound hammer.
    T(h)om’s got one too.
    That’s 10 pounds between us…
    How about you?

    • How Camels and Elephants See Things

      Too big to fail
      Too small to succeed

      So call up the doctors
      And legalize weed

      They’re already hooked on way harder stuff
      Like crystalline rocks and religious re-buff

      The crabs are migrating in a great rolling ball
      We dip in our buckets and hide from the squall

      Who’ll blow the whistle and call – Hey Timeout!
      Let’s wake the bear with a ‘Yawp’ and a shout

      Onward they trundle those camels and ele-phants
      Screaming ‘bout brambles with unending ‘rants

      But we will not hear them, their feet on the sand
      Heed not the tramping of their latest command

      Who’s scared of the rustling out there in the brush?
      The next big pariah that threatens to crush

      Our beliefs and our standards – our great way of life
      We’re sick of the drama, fed up with the strife

      A patriot seeks only to raise a nation up
      Not add more tears to an overfull cup

      ~JDW II – 2011

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