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  1. Hi Graham
    it looks like you are the only link in hertfordshire….i have only just seen this network and like the sound of it. I am looking to start a club dedicated to poetry and music. I have recently moved to Hitchin from West London although spent 20 years in north london. I was born in Hertforshire. In fact in Hertford in The Shire Hall ! I might ask for a plaque to be put up ‘for all the inglorias Miltons’. My Dad was the caretaker at the time and he was such a man. Look after my home town wont you. Guess i made a reasonable start their.

    I love poetry that dares to cut through the pomp and elitism of the written word. Irish poetry started it for me. Brendan Kennelly is a favorite. I wont go on….Thought i would share a poem i wrote yesterday for some feedback. I should say i write less since going to a poetry class and was dazzled by the teacher and in particular a comment he made “the more rules there are the freer we are” it still haunts me. I mostly i have better days now and perhaps the last effort to write a poem yesterday suggests this. Bare with and let me know what you think and of course about yourself and your link with this cool sounding movement. Here goes:

    Hitchin to Zion

    He was not big on sentiment so
    ‘you star – a cuddle awits you’
    seemed like a new man

    A rose in your sight and pulsing
    in your chest – it moved
    in deference

    we can all – cant we?

    You even – might stop – rub eyes – come into the arms awaiting

    Look about you – someone is watching

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