New Bedford, Massachusetts

ORGANIZER: Maggie Cleveland



LOCATION:  The Frederick Douglass Gallery at Gallery X, 169 William St. New Bedford, MA 02740 that would be great.


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New Bedford, Massachusetts — 6 Comments

  1. Razing the Mills

    The wrecking ball
    like a clumsy metronome
    keeps time
    in staggered beats
    as it taps
    the façade
    of the monolith
    with a heavy

    Asbestos laden
    frames crack,
    panes of glass and
    floorboards steeped in
    a hundred years of machine oil
    and sweat

    tumble down the bones
    of the behemoth,
    slam the ground
    and send a rumble
    to the rocks
    across the river.

    What’s left is blasted to bits –
    bulldozed, swept
    into tall piles,
    shoveled into trucks
    and hauled away,

    or blown by handfuls
    into the wind
    with a wish

    that they won’t
    fill the hole
    with poison this time,
    that what’s built

    in its flattened place
    won’t be an empty box
    of concrete and glass
    with a sun bleached
    “for lease”
    sign in the window –

    this year, the air
    is tinged in color,

    even the tips
    of the seagulls’ wings
    are red.

    -Maggie Cleveland
    (first published in Amerarcana: A Bird & Beckett Review, 2010)

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