Philadelphia, Pennsylvania






ORGANIZER: Frank Sherlock


DESCRIPTION: I’m organizing a PACE (Poet Activist Community Extension) action for September 24 as part of 100,000 Poets for Change- a worldwide demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote social and political transformations. Past PACE actions have played out as roving street performances and poem distributions from the Gallery to the Ben Franklin Parkway.. For more about PACE, see the statement for the Nonsite Collective

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — 3 Comments

  1. This is not the time for people to sit on their hands or poets to hide in the forest or in towers. Let me know what I can do.

  2. The horses

    Orwell knew the work horse’s fate,
    Labor for years pulling wheeled carts
    And the iron blade of the plow.
    Old and sick the glue factory waits,
    While the pigs who run the show
    Sit on the lawn in afternoon sun,
    Raising cups of tea to salivary lips,
    Oinking over pastries and tasty tidbits,
    Firm in their belief that Darwin
    Blessed the rich as much as god,
    Giving them the right to rule and whip
    All that toil beneath their snouts
    For a hard won day’s pay.


    you lay about
    lazy as a leaf
    on the ground,
    fallen from a tree,
    pondering you
    and a future
    at the bottom
    among the detritus
    and thrown away
    while up
    in the top branches
    you hear
    things are looking up
    for the mad squirrel
    with all the nuts.

  3. NULL & VOID

    i’m sik o ur fkng INsights
    opn ur EYES
    u talk o my rationlzations n dnial
    u tel me 2 stop being chroncly angry
    2 actulize n lrn 2 njoy life
    opn ur EYES
    wrld tears tself apart aroun u
    while u talk o qualty time n undrlying processes
    opn ur EYES
    tru ntmacy?bondng?selfesteem?meaningfl change?sht
    opn ur EYES
    rth’s blak blud gushes up spews out fiery crakly flame
    while u poztvly ngage one tng @ a time
    appropriatly xpressng reality n a modrat way
    opn ur EYES
    dfensv egos?ovrreactng?lightn up?WHAT?
    opn ur EYES
    ur nsecure felo creatures try 2 b men lose humanty rape
    kil mutilate each othr suk out wrld’s lifeblud torture
    anmls fil air wt smoke gases fumes poizn watr salt n
    fresh alike make groun unlivbl 4 sake o gain profit powr
    opn ur EYES
    very air eats ur lungs
    sunlight eats ur skin
    bcz o greed
    greed ignrance aggression
    pain fear loss
    brth life deth
    etrnl bowel movmnt o da univrs

    4get wht i sd
    keep ur eyes clozd

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