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  1. I WOKE UP by Joan Didak

    I woke up to a revolution
    It wasn’t pretty
    Blood soaked the dirty streets
    Anxious excitement held peace in the heart of a continent
    awakened once again

    The enlightened ones came out of the pyramids that day
    Every soul awakened
    filled the streets with a message of Peace
    The mighty laid down their swords
    began the real work
    of commitment

    I woke up to a revolution
    It wasn’t anything
    Fear kept us off the streets
    locked within our pain
    afraid of the madman inside

    I woke up to a revolution
    There was no one
    The earth was still
    quietly rumbling
    We sat like midwives
    waiting for the inevitable
    birth of our new world
    And it was gorgeous

    C. Joan Didak, 3/7/11
    Creative Visionaries Unite!

  2. COMPLETE by Joan Didak

    What makes a circle complete, she asks.
    Is it the connecting of one end of a line to another on paper?
    A story like a prayer told from beginning to end
    Alpha to Omega?
    A mouth completely open to receive
    the circle of love?
    Something small, daily or casual?
    Easy as slipping a ring on a finger
    and keeping it’s promise?
    The wheel of life never-ending
    in a cycle of birth, death, rebirth?
    Building dreams one day at a time
    out to the edge of the universe and back?
    With all of the hands of all of the people of all of the languages
    clasped around the Earth.

    c. Joan Didak

  3. !!! 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Santa Fe performers include: !!!!

    Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

    rosS Hamlin

    Robert Covelli

    Janet Eigner

    Donald Levering

    Tom Ireland

    Dani Katz

    Anne Valley-Fox

    Trish Diana

    Joan Didak

    Marcia Starck

    Kate Braverman
    & Sean Woodyard

    (not necessarily in this order)

    I’ve also heard rumors that we might be joined by Ralph Melcher and some students from the Santa Fe High Schools!

    “100 Thousand Poets for Change – over 4,300,000 Google hits. Over 34,000 hits this month on the central website. For those of you wondering if anyone is listening – there’s your answer. Change starts with a single word. We’re about to sing~” Zachary Kluckman, (Albuquerque organizer extraordinaire)

    it’s not too late to sign up!

  4. also performing !!!
    from Tamela Harkins’ creative writing & poetry classes at Santa Fe High School:

    Delaney Covelli
    Ariana Maestas
    Chloe Wolff

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