Beat Museum "Beat and Beyond: A Tradition of Engagement"

ORGANIZER: Leah Lubin and David Madgalen


DESCRIPTION: Fourth Annual Poetry Festival commemorates 100 Thousand Poets for Change

TIME:  1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

LOCATION: The Beat Museum, 540 Broadway at Columbus, San Francisco, CA

We at the Beat Museum’s Fourth Annual Poetry festival are extremely proud to be part of the world wide event 100 TPC. With over 30 poets already signed up, we expect that our event will be historic. David Madgalene will be master of ceremonies, and David Randolph will be documenting this event on video.

Download a flier- BeatMuseumFourthAnnualPoetryFestivalFLYER




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Beat Museum "Beat and Beyond: A Tradition of Engagement" — 3 Comments

  1. We now have 44 top notch poets registered for this event, some coming as far as from Los Angeles. Please join us.

    Best wishes,


  2. The Revolutionary Poets Brigade stands in solidarity with this event and many RPB poets are participating. We invite all attendees to join us in our late night celebration of our commitment to use our creativity and talents to stand in solidarity with artists and activitsts world-wide in realizing a better world that is possible: poetry and music at ArtInternationale! Gallery and Art Lounge, 963 Pacific Avenue until…

  3. “From the Destruction of 9/11 to the Creation of 9/24: Poets for Change”
    By David James Randolph Author, “More Candles in the Dark,”
    More at

    The 100,000 Poets for change event was summed up for me in the words of Ana Elsner at the San Francisco Beat Museum reading hosted by David Madgalene and presented by Leah Lubin, “We had 9/11/01 with all that means and now we have 9/24/11 with all this promises.” The promise of 9/24/11 is just that at the moment but even so the event of thousands of poets all around the world lifting their voices as one for peace and sustainability signals a shift with enormous potential.

    We will be listening to those poets and translating their messages for years to come and from this event may come a movement which will change the world in word and deed. But more than this, others must join in to enrich the conversation, help shape the agenda, focus the vision and enact the movement to fulfill the promises. Michael Rothenberg worked tirelessly to bring about this vision and part of his genius is his recognition that it is not about him but about us, our vision, our voice and our world.

    The voices and visionaries of 9/24/11 have lit candles in the dark that has shadowed us since 9/11/01 and gathered them in one day and night into a mighty beacon to illuminate the world. With more candles in the dark all over the world may come a movement to illuminate, and heal and show the way forward. Will one of those candles be yours?

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