WordParty-San Francisco, CA

ORGANIZER: Jennifer Barone


WordParty-San Francisco, CA


The WordParty is an open collective of poets and friends that started in New York City and made its way to San Francisco. The WordParty hosts a poetry & jazz open mic featuring the Nova Jazz band where poets are welcome to read with the spontaneous accompaniment of the band. Our mission is to provide a space where all the misfits of poetry and jazz — any style or genre — can come together to express themselves — at the WordParty there is always laughter, inspiration, and community.


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  1. The WordParty is dedicating our September 20th reading to the theme: 100 Thousand Poets for change! Bring your poems about what you want to change in the world and get ready to kick-off a world-wide poetry celebration.Come to the WordParty Poetry & Jazz open mic and read your poems with our LIVE jazz band “Nova Jazz”!

    WordParty Poetry & Jazz open mic (100 Thousand Poets for change theme night)
    Date: Tuesday September 20th, 2011
    Hosted by: Jennifer Barone
    Featuring Live Jazz with Nova Jazz: Daniel Heffez (sax), Colin Williams (bass) and Geordie Van Der Bosch (congas)
    Time: 8:00pm – 10:30pm (sign-up at 8:00pm with hosts)
    Open mic is open to poets & poetry only
    Location: Viracocha, 998 Valencia St. (at 21st), San Francisco, CA
    Donation: $5 goes to support our event space and the band.

    On September 24th, we will be joining forces with Diamond Dave and all the SF poets for a wide open mic on the steps of City Hall! More info soon….


    In the spring
    when the air is still crisp,
    I plant red poppies.
    Neruda was a friend of
    this flower
    which took great strides
    to push itself from the earth
    past the heavy rocks and dirt
    toward the light.

    And each day
    I sleep and rise
    by way of these bright petals
    to view the world through the lens
    of a simple flower
    crimson and fat
    growing in my garden,
    a living altar.

    To love is political.
    So I tend to these red poppies
    which reach down
    with their long winding roots
    to put love back into the earth
    perhaps they will find
    those who are lonely
    those who are alienated
    those who are angry
    as Neruda would have wanted.

  3. “The Personal is Political”
    By Jennifer Barone

    (“The Personal is Political” is a quote by Carol Hanisch)

    The personal is political
    The political is personal

    what to eat
    where it came from
    salmon in barrels
    or swimming in the toxic sea
    I ingest industrial waste
    immigrant workers in the fields
    I digest political unrest
    I drink the wine of blood and tears

    because the personal is political
    and the political is personal

    what to wear
    this dress made in Asia
    I button up couture fabric of
    sweatshop labor
    sewn hands of children
    of men and women working long days
    no time off, no benefits
    no rest for the weary
    I zip up the American working jeans
    of the American working dream
    not made in America anymore

    because the personal is political
    and the political is personal

    who to love
    man woman
    woman man
    woman woman
    man man
    no one
    myself even
    after white dresses, black ties and lies
    some are still not allowed to make a vow
    to sign on the dotted line

    because the personal is political
    and the political is personal

    Goldman Sachs on Wall Street
    or the mom and pop corner store
    struggling to make ends meet
    who pays more taxes
    who evades taxes
    taking taxes that pay for your street
    taxes on everything we buy
    and yet we can not pry
    the tax man’s fingers if we tried
    pay checks of blood money
    inflated CEO bonus money
    that flees our country
    into Swiss bank accounts
    of robber baron thieves
    moving jobs overseas
    follow the money trail of greed
    from your very own wallet
    if you’re watching
    now they are coming after
    our social security

    because the personal is political
    and the political is personal

    the air that I breathe polluted by unrestricted companies
    the water that I drink
    controlled by the government of my city
    politicians have their hand into electricity to run the machine
    the garbage men
    and the homeless man
    picking through my bins
    the bus and the muni
    on time, over time, cut the lines
    but raise the fares
    property taxes on the home you want
    but can’t afford to buy
    your slice of American pie
    living under a blackening sky
    just waiting for the hospital bill to
    arrive in the mail
    in one incident will make
    your retirement run dry
    see there is no imaginary line

    because the personal is political
    and the political is personal

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