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Saturday at the Twisted Pepper Middle Abbey Street – 100, 000 poets for change worldwide 24th Sept 2011

Posted on September 26, 2011 by Seven Towers

There was that enthusiasm which I can report comes only from doing something significant and with the participation of thousands of others, others that one will probably never see or never meet while Ruairi and I sat in the downstairs “Box” area in the Twisted Pepper Middle Abbey Street as the poets came and went, as onlookers came and went, some having seen the sign outside, or seen the online advertising or heard about it from friends, and wanted to see just what was this biggest poetry event in history. What made the extremely exhausting day so worthwhile and so much fun was the fact that so many stayed and sat around and had coffee and sandwiches and total strangers met and got to know each other, and, after an hour or two one had to ask for the laughter and the jokes to be dialled down for a few minutes while we recorded yet another poet. You might hear a hummming noise in the background. Its hot downstairs in the box (I keep hearing the threat of the guards in the movie “Cool Hand Luke” 1967 – “You do something wrong- you get to spend a night in the Box!”) It can be that warm down there – so we kept the doors open and fans running. As a reward for enduring the warmth – gallons of bottled water were handed out. It was a great day, but we were so tired afterwards. click on the videos below to see some of the fine poets and performers that dropped by. Thanks to everyone. It was great!

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