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  1. Kristaq .F Shabani


    In a killing silence sells Earth’s Body pieces

    as if they were beans… and carrots,

    people don’t know, this isn’t their Land,

    the plan grasps, keeps hostage in decades,

    hands are sold cheaper than toys:

    “A Bear – toy costs two – three times more…”

    And the Moon is thrift at giving its light,

    as it beholds a dizzy meanness:

    “A ravishing girl,

    a rich hunchback man

    head – scalped, requires to be shown stalwart…”


    President the Great has Truth to Beauty.

    The Puzzle says

    that Beauty by Beauty was taken

    but… the Parabola has changed:

    “In the spaceship the astronaut,

    an ugly helper of him, in a galaxy voyage

    loved madly…

    When, on Earth he landed

    his eyes became drab.

    What an epigram that immerses you!…

    With a marble stone round her neck

    his sweetheart: fell over

    the metal bridge and sank”…”

    Closed file mysticism.


    A beggar shows his maimed leg,

    a “Dumb” alien keeps written

    on his chest a painful phrase:

    “Help me, o you Demos of Money!”…

    A blind man with tied eyes plays

    the most trembling melody in the World,

    a female creature forebodes the Payment

    in the crystal Road…

    I saw the Beggar in the evening

    with his intact leg.

    The “Dumb” man speaking

    dressed up to the nines.

    The “Blind” man with his two hot eyes,

    the Female creature drawing a lovely pet:

    I am reading the reality:

    A Arabic phrase!

    Ellegy of the Angel

    The First poetic view

    Maybe I know how to say my Feelings

    in the way they’re expressed

    to cast my eyes and in other places

    that I can’t see in this terrestrial globe.



    We are another Continent, independent

    than the one we’re breathing in…


    you gave birth (to a child) so to become peaceful

    not only with yourself

    but to give peace to other men and women,

    you gave birth (to a child) to deliver a distinguishing light

    a flaming white light-

    that other women cant’ t do

    as much as they try

    because in your heart Literature lives

    like greenness…

    We live in this Continent

    but we’re another, independent (Continent)

    than the one we’re breathing in,

    and the system of universal light

    and whatever else

    is like a tale , a myth (to us).

    We have our sun,

    our moon,

    an dour metric system,

    our deep – green forests in

    unimaginable dreams

    we haven’t got seas…

    but oceans of soul!

    That’s why this memorial service echoes

    and only the spiritual people hear it,

    the humanists

    that ring the bells of respect

    they listen silently…

    but in deep emotion do the heavenly temples hear…

    We have no need for compasses

    we feel each other’s breath:

    dozens of whips with the sun and the moon

    we have the need for each other

    as we certainly have the need for this breath.


    A new position for the Great People of the World…

    Come, today the soul, itself, is giving a concert

    Come, take your positions

    in the Second resurrection of Angel!

    It isn’t an invention, spread with rose- cream

    and underneath the cream (exists) a puzzling sphinx…

    For the first time you will see true Resurrection

    For which we have held hope for so long,

    and the sun that leaves its rays in a position

    that earlier hadn’t been seen by us…

    A new position for Great People of the Earth…

    Roses and wishes planted

    in the vastness of the sky,

    and happiness, exultation,

    burst like fire- crackers

    oh, they shine…

    The trees don’t expect heat for blooming,

    they blossom in the twinkling of the eye

    with words of divinity!

    We, the people on Earth say it’s a Mystery!

    But the people in the Skies are so accustomed to it,

    with so much blossoming…

    they just call it ‘Blossoming of the Angels’

    Come, for today the soul itself is giving a recital!

    * * *

    The second poetic view
    Everything has been said

    And the letters in all the languages of the World

    Remained in similarity

    with appoint of punctuation, and again a comma…

    so the cleverness of continuity

    will say everything once more…

  2. THE GODS are wounded badly
    did you see them;…
    Tears fell playing games..
    “the souls”…, the heart… crack open from pain
    a big heartly, shocking situation
    as gods are wounded..
    let more to say if they are put to death!…
    The tragic battles of the FATHER AESCHYLUS
    at an ancient THEATRE…
    They are wounded again today like a comedy
    Their laugh ready to fall like a waterfall
    Death changes its wings like magnetic poles
    Some peole with epaulettes applause silently..
    From the Summits they fall like DOLLS…
    Together with the Smooth and easy Act…


  3. Freedom, with power for change

    See what Freedom means
    being in the presence of boundless curiosity,
    to witness our spiritual intimidate
    within that life offers us.
    I believe that often we say the same thing
    in different ways – in different forms,
    with a different tone –
    For so is the life
    one sees the colors of others-not
    a thrush spreads wings over the orchid,
    another was torn down with head injuries.
    Fly like leaves
    flying to save the freedom to live …
    I can give light where there is shadow
    enter the orbit of momentum and hope
    to never stopped driving force,
    always in the marathon of life,
    with power for change,
    with freedom to remain in the illuminated compass
    that never errs.

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