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The role of the Poet, germinating from ancient times around the globe: To Voice the quality of life and the absence of quality of life for ones people. In a world community such as today poets voice on quality of life concerns locally, from afar, in the name of the entire planet on behalf of all humans, animals and indeed Mother Nature herself.

Le role du poète,venu des temps ancients, raconte, de par le monde, la qualité de la vie et son absence au sein des siens. Dans un monde comme celui d’aujourd’hui, les poètes parlent de la qualité de la vie de leur localité, à partir de lointains espaces, au nom de la planète entière, des êtres humains, des animaux et de Mère Nature elle-même.

In this spirit, the Paris poets will testify in verse to one and all. Paris an international city, the City of Light, shall forward Poets in French, English, Arabic, African tongues including the welcome participation of poets of any language.

C’est dans cet esprit que les poètes parisièns d’expression française, anglaise, arabe, de langues africaines y compris ceux parlant d’autres langues.

As coordinator, I will enlist host sites among our bookstores, high schools, universities, street corners and social centers peopled by French and immigrants.

En tant que cordinateur je ferais appel à des invités au sein des librairies, des lyceès, des universités, des centres sociaux, dans les quartiers populaires–français et émigrés.
Afin de participer, Veuillez me contacter. PEACE by POETRY – ONE WORLD !!


Saturday, September 24 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

10 rue Adelaide LaHaye, metro Gallieni

This is world wide event. We host in Paris. Poets invited to take the stage for 5 minutes. Videos, Live JazzPoetry by Moe Seager, dancers. Theme: Poetry & art expressing a need for social change. BYOB.

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Paris, France with Moe Seager — 6 Comments

  1. congrats Moe.!!
    what a great happening and you the Paris coordinator, wish I could be there to take part in such a happening, looking to see if anything here in the Burgh is going on!?
    Just wanted to give you a SHOUT out, of how amazing this is!! I ran across this, I had from one of the many poets I like and it reminded me of you my dear friend…enough said.

    “I grew up in this town,
    my poetry was born,
    between the hill and the river,
    it took it’s voice from the rain,
    and like the timber,
    it steeped itself in the forests.
    by…Pablo Neurda

  2. Paris Calling; ‘100 Thousand Poets’ is gaining attention in Paris. Look for a soon to be posted info on a Sept. 24 reading hosted in Bagnolet quartier of east Paris. Next, time to coordinate a reading at American University of Paris. Poets of Spoken Word Paris -Belleville are on board.

  3. “It is with the wisp of time, ageless moments,
    priceless chance relationships and
    for all who have heart
    that we can rejoice in the discovery
    of finding another down the long road of time.” chh

    As your mankind is coming together in the medium
    of poetry, I thank you for the share Moe.
    If not for you I would not have known of the Sept. 24th world events.
    This is amazing and I will be following it.
    Good luck to you as the Paris coordinator!

    • No it’s not too late to participate.
      3 ¨Paris readings.
      Cemetery Montparnasse ‘ 15h00
      Le Louvre with Tsunami Books 16hOO
      THE EDGE 19h00-22hOO 10 rue Adelaide LeHaye, Bagnolet, Metro Gallieni

      Join us!!

  4. Merci !
    On y était hier soir, au Link – Paris East Edge, à Bagnolet pour une grande soirée de poésie libre et bien ordonnée, grâce à Bee et ses abeilles.
    Merci à François l’hôte de ce lieu fantastique (je crois que jamais je n’ai vu un garage aussi beau !)

    So thanx Moe and, you’re absolutely right, this HAS to be done again next year and the year after next year and even a bit further…

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