Revolutionary Poetry Brigade- San Francisco, California

DESCRIPTION: Revolutionary Poets Brigade in Solidarity with One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change

READERS INCLUDE Dee Allen, Lincoln Bergman, Judith Bernhard, Kristine Brown, Jim Byron,Giancarlo Campagna, Yolanda Catzalco, devorah major, Agneta Falk, Gary Hicks, Jack Hirschman, Mark Kockinos, Jessica Loos, Jimmy Mankind, Rosemary Manno, Sarah Menefee, Alejandro Murguia. Dottie Payne, Maketa Smith-Groves, Bobby Coleman


LOCATION: Art International, 963 Pacific St. San Francisco at 7 pm, September 24


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Revolutionary Poetry Brigade- San Francisco, California — 1 Comment

  1. To honor our solidarity on September 24th, The REVOLUTIONARY POETS BRIGADE joins the poets of the world in declaring our unity with the struggling workers around the world, and pledge September 24th our day of commitment as artists who will use our talents and organizing skills, our bond and creativity, to do all we can to make a better world possible. In the spirit of this solidarity, many of us will be attending events in communities throughout the city, and those of us who can will participate in a North Beach “100 Thousand Poets for Change Poetry Crawl” moving from The Beat Museum reading room from 2:00PM-4PM, on to the Focus Gallery reading from 4:00PM-6PM, ending finally at our RPB poetry celebration at ArtInternationale Galley and Art Lounge at 7PM: to celebrate our commitment to work together with artists and activists throughout the city of San Francisco, ALL POETS AND ACTIVISTS ARE INVITED TO JOIN US AT ARTINTERNATIONALE! to creatively and socially realize this commitment;:this is part of our “Communities Without Borders” Series.

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