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Reading Schedule:


Gathering spot: Brady and Van Buren end of Marsupial Bridge – (1 slot still open)

* Phyllis Wax

* Peter Blewett


Walking along the Marsupial Bridge and east to the stairwell – (1 slot still open)

* Janet Jennerjohn

* Dawn Tefft


Joshua Glover Memorial Plaque at the top of the stairs (Glover and Booth) – FULL

* Jennifer Morales

* Ryan Hurley

* Carmen Murguia


Walking through Kilbourn Park and north on Bremen St. to Locust St – (6 slots still open)

    * Still Waters Collective

    * Eric Disambwa

    * Joanne Chang
    * Tom Hibbard

    * Lane Hall

    * Janine Arseneau

    * Carolyn Vargo


Walking west on Locust Street to Woodland Pattern – FULL

* Chuck Stebelton

* Keith Gaustad


Inside Woodland Pattern Book Center – FULL

* Mark Zimmerman

* Angie Trudell Vasquez

* Margaret Rozga

* Robin Christie

* Suzanne Rosenblatt

* Kimberly Blaeser

* Harvey Taylor

* Karl Gartung

* Ed Werstein

* Marilyn Taylor

* Susan Firer

* Mike Hauser

* Roberto Harrison

* Doctori Sadisco

* ko shin, Bob Hanson

* Nikki Wallschlaeger

* Jeff Poniewaz

* Antler


Sharing of community renga – everyone!



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To Sign Up to Read — 5 Comments

  1. This performance poet from Montreal is ready to perform for Toronto — and the world.
    So could one of you good people please book me in a venue conducive to spoken-word performance, preferably with other established poets. Thank you.


  2. Hi everyone,

    I think I’ve been in touch with most of you, but please e-mail me directly (chinginchen at if you want to a spot in the Milwaukee event (vs posting here).


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