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  1. Here is a poem I wrote about Tabasco! (Um, the sauce, not the place, haven’t been there… yet!)

    Hot Sauce

    A nation of habituation
    Enlightened by diode
    Mother’s and Father’s with children and dogs
    Helmets and leashes, electric and otherwise

    Everyone has ruptured the bank
    Nobody cares
    Plowmen run for the fields, and miners delve deeper
    I see few windmills and solar cells

    Shoppers to market with nu-clear plastic
    Not hardly
    Shuffling forward in clown shoes
    Stalking about in heeled boots

    Spring promptly fools Winter
    Winter cheats Spring Her mountaintops
    Oblivious robins taunt the gelid wind
    Rugged ruffled breasts and white ringed tails

    Catharsis reigns with a cobwebbed scepter
    The heartless bow
    Old ways thrash about in their shrinking pools
    Teeth gnashing at the rapidly drying air

    The selfishness of business and parenthood
    Addiction and arrogance, compassion and understanding
    Square off on the threshing floors

    It is what it is

    The balloon-heads of state
    All filled with jelly
    Expound and rant about the lifting of the veils
    It is all too clear the rift is insurmountable

    Only stiff wind can erode this false edifice
    These ridiculous Doric spindles of marble and gilt
    Bullet-proof limos creep along patriotic streets

    Hold on folks, hold on

    In the ‘cradle’ infants wail
    About what
    Ten thousand years could not tell the story
    Flower sap and sticky hearts

    And the blaring boxes go on
    Here, there and everywhere
    Catching us up
    Sweeping out the corners

    Old friends reconnect and listen intently
    Pretense begins to fade
    Means and ends lose their luster
    Against the rays of the Sun

    Birds chirp and soar
    Trees spin their loving branches to the limitless sky
    No one asks why
    Breath flows in deep and exhales come long and low

    The moose are in the local marsh
    Up to their kneecaps in the muck
    Children point with great excitement
    Some fear, some gape in awe

    To the salt mines we ramble
    Thanking gods and stars
    For our enslavement

    At least this

    Her lithe arm
    Draped across my belly
    Her essence in my nostrils
    Upon my tongue

    Like Azorean mist I’ve never tasted
    Flavors I long to know
    Have always known

    Just this


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