Sacred Grounds Open Mic Poetry Solidarity Event-San Francisco


Sacred Grounds Open Mic Poetry
Wednesdays: 7pm sign up and readings from 730 – 950,
Sacred Grounds Café: 2095 Hayes @ Cole: 387-3859,

Host: Dan Brady
Since 1973, the longest running open mic in San Francisco

Sacred Grounds Café, home to the longest running open mic poetry venue we know of, would be honored to join in solidarity with the 100,000 Poet’s for Change event on Wednesday September 21st. We have a decades long tradition of welcoming diverse voices and new poets.

Sign up is at 7pm, the reading starts soon thereafter.

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Sacred Grounds Open Mic Poetry Solidarity Event-San Francisco — 4 Comments

  1. I want some good news people
    No, not that “born again”
    Bible humping bullpucky you’ve heard tell of … nope
    I want good news … and not just for a minute here or there
    Like you get during a KPFA fundraiser
    Not what you get on Faux News during a slow day
    No, by God I want the real deal
    I want a whole workweek stuffed full of it
    With each book-ending weekend fit to bursting
    I want to know what it’s like turn on the TV and feeeeel good
    I wanna feeeeeel good very time I think about … anything I can think of
    I want to be double dipped, full up, schmeared, with good news
    I tell you I want to look at the sky
    And not think about “chem-trail” conspiracies
    I want to feel the wind in my hair
    Without wondering what kind of toxic crap is being carried along in it
    From the sewers of India, China’s deserts or Japan’s nukes
    I want to wake up, turn on NPR and hear about wonderful things
    Expanding forests, glaciers coming back along with fish populations
    Safe cell phones that pay YOU to use them
    Free food being given out, rent reductions running rampant
    I want to hear Obama talk
    About giving back trillions of dollars to the people
    Closing Guantanamo, giving up on nuclear power
    Bringing troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Balochistan,Turkmenistan, Nepal, Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico and the other 123
    I want to hear him go on about perp walking Bush
    And his whole suffering asshole crew
    Placing a stay on every act that rim jobbing bunghumper ever made
    That prisons are being shuttered
    Because millions of people have decided to care of each other
    That godless heathen multi-nationals are hiring shit loads of people
    Because they’re bringing rock solid, plan your retirement on them
    God blessed union jobs back the good old US of A and by the millions
    I want to hear about green houses, green cars, green factories,
    Green make up, green jobs and a greening self-sustaining world

    I want to hear about how every person entering the job market
    Says the same ding-dong thing,
    “Gee, I don’t know which of all these jobs I want?”
    AND “Say, why don’t all you companies take a number for crissakes!”
    And, mind you, I want the good news to go on every frickin’day
    I want to hear how millions are giving up smoking
    Taking up Pilates, volunteering for charity work
    That everyone has two chickens in every pot
    A good, well-built, American car in every garage
    And by that I mean one that gets 500 miles per fuel up
    Takes a 50 mile an hour crash with no damage
    Or injury to its passengers
    Lasts as long as you frickin’ want to keep it
    And gets free tune-ups, brake jobs and tires while you own it
    I want to hear about scenic passenger trains making a come back
    How scientists are being listened to … Hello!!!
    Got global warming on the run
    Replaced oil, nuclear power and natural gas
    Found a way to prevent alcoholism
    Using the cure for cancer that we already have
    And have begun to terra-form the Earth for god sakes

    I want to hear day after day of good news
    So that by the time the fourth day dawns
    I’ll have some idea of what life is like in a world that makes sense
    So that I’ll be looking forward to the next damned day
    So that I’ll be glad to wake up
    Donate to good causes, of which there’ll be thousands
    And every one of them will be doing very well thank you very much

    I want all the guns in the world to be turned in
    Broken up and melted down to make … anything else!
    I want to hear that every soldier, intel wonk, officer
    Commando or insurgent
    Has renounced violence and are getting busy …
    Building shelters, planting trees, cleaning beaches
    Counseling hopeless, caring for the needy
    Handing out bread, bringing in water
    Giving emergency care to the destitute
    Rescuing cats from trees and kissing babies

    I wanna see them all get busy
    Fixing every leaky toilet, broken window, noisy refrigerator
    And every god blessed pothole in the known universe
    That they are working with farmers to grow more food
    Unlocking potential, opening floodgates
    Applying bandages, splints and helping, helping helping!

    I want to hear about bastard banksters making micro loans and giving grants
    That defense departments have been shut down!
    That research and development funding
    Is going to making better computers
    Cars, planes, trains, tractors, shoes, lights, batteries, houses, cities, colleges, schools, basketball and food courts!

    I want to hear about better understanding
    Between religions, races, politicians, historical enemies
    I want to hear about borders being erased, hatreds evaporating
    Ignorance giving way … reason running rampant
    And every form of love being accepted by everyone everywhere!

    By god, I want a week of such good news
    As people have never ever, ever, EVER had
    So when I go outside
    And get my free cup of fair trade, organic, sustainable coffee
    And an organic “everything” bagel with a wild caught salmon schmear
    Everyone will be walking about more than a bit dazed
    More than a bit confused
    But each and every one will be happy, happy, happy!

    Brothers and sisters, but I yearn, dream and pray for such a week
    I say I want a week of good news
    A flood, an ocean, a sky full of wonders
    So that every memory of this time; this horrific, festering butt hole
    This stupid-assed, jack shit, fucked up universally acclaimed
    And God awful world of unholy, rank, festering, pustulant oozing scabs
    Is gone. I say I want a week of good news, my friends
    I say, I want a week of such good news
    That glory unbounded I know, I say, I just know, we all want to see!

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