Word & Wine Solidarity 100TPC-Miami, Florida

ORGANIZER: Nikki Rodriguez


CONTACT: art_is_life111@hotmail.com


LOCATIONS: The Electric Pickle

2826 North Miami Ave
Miami, FL

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, September 21 at 9:00pm – September 22 at 3:00am


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Word & Wine Solidarity 100TPC-Miami, Florida — 20 Comments

  1. It’s Those little things that remind me of how beautiful life is…

    Like the feeling of sleeping and rolling over to your soft, sweet caress.

    The truth is that the sound of your gentle breathing coming from your nose pressed against my cheek,

    not only made me feel I was listening to a powerful composition,

    but also gave me the strong urge to wake up and begin writing.

    At that very moment.

    The warmth of two bodies that molded to their likings over many moons and midnights.

    Realizing the beauty in life is watching a mother kiss her child’s forehead for the very first time.

    Life is watching the shoreline rise and feeling the sensation of giggling as it almost reaches your toes.

    The sound of a cork being opened to the name of love.

    Life is remembering what it felt like the first time you whistled.

    The first time you caught a tadpole.

    Listening to the clock tick when all you can do is focus on your heartbeat

    when you thought about someone special.

    Life is the smell of fresh warm bread, the smell of an ancient book that has had it’s pages turned by

    Oh so many dreamers, scholars, lovers, and wanderers.

    Life is learning a new favorite word.

    Life is feeling music for the very first time.

    Life is poetry.

    Just like the first time you really kissed me.

    Life is realizing that now you truly do understand.

    Life is finally forgiving someone.

    Life is remembering when you were five years old, looking at your mothers hands and wondering

    if yours would ever look the same…

    Then looking down and realizing that with time came resemblance and wrinkles.

    Life is connecting with someone from half around the world when you don’t

    speak the same language.


    Beauty in Life is the fact that this poem came from the closeness of you, as you slept

    and all I could think of were the words to describe that very moment

    and all in which made me feel that way.

    Collective Rhythms and how I counted our breathes took me into my usual sleep pattern,

    and my dreams once again taught me of these little things…

    Like your cheek against mine, with feet intertwined were just small reminders of how beautiful

    Life really is.

  2. como la siesta de un fauno, un amor dormido.
    Me recuardas de un color profundo, pintado por el hombre que yo un dia imagine en un mundo donde todo nacio de una memoria. El fauno empeso a tocar su flauta, una melodia que me conto un cuento de la historia dentro mis ojos. No quiero dormir, este miedo de olvidar me consume. Tus labios, tus manos, el sudor que corre cuando me pones nerviosa. Son sentimientos que me llevan a ti, son promesas a nuestras voluntades, son ojos cerrados a la tristeza, son angeles de realidades, son luces de placeres, son amores contigo y amores para ti .Como un fauno dormido, con manos de oro… Me dejas enamorada en este sueno donde tu y yo puedemos correr por el cielo, andar en una poema donde tu amor escribe los versos. Como un fauno dormido, un beso pintado, un cielo caido…un fauno dormido.

  3. i take a trip back to tangible desires.

    your bottom lip bubbling at the tip

    of my index finger pressing through the fault at the center

    your legs bending with the motion in the ocean

    as an anchor dragging through the sands.

    we raged through the storms. one body raining over the other’s form.

    to inspire. or be inspired.

    never mattered to us. you as the path of mine.

    i’d walk past the end of time.

    the summers would come. pool parties begun.

    at 3:01 AM until the morning sun.

    broken shells. you under my skin. and i under your spell.

    first, i fell–will it work?– i let time tell. you’re my favorite story.

    and i only wanted to be a twist. after a thousand frogs kissed,

    let me put a prince on those lips.

    within my fingers

    a myriad of feelings

    biting my lowerlip at the memory of the days

    steady shakes of the head, i awake

    another dream. another waste. another stupid wait.

    staring into the screen of the phone for you to call.

    the unplausible prodigal,

    staring into the very definition of insanity through it all.

    you wanted it to hurt.

    you didn’t call me arrogant. didn’t say i was immature. never told me i was being a dick. even when i was.

    didn’t say that i was no longer the writer i used to be. that i lost my edge. that i stopped being fun.

    even before our eyes

    as it began to fall apart.

    you never said the summer was over.

    a museless virtuoso.

    amidst 1000 friends. a misanthropist i remain.

    a misanthropist you made.

    holding the mast of a sinking ship in the dark

    a barely floating box, stripped of motor bilge and barge

    i need an escape. from the cold rage of the waters

    to the shores of a new day. resuscitate from this drunken state.

    you won the fight.

    left me as the one to die.

    and give his own eulogy at the same time.

  4. Lights compliment her with a dress
    A fullness that remains ill & incurable to all habits;
    Like cigarettes, books, naked solitare,
    rich science and looks of the bizzare bizzare
    my fallen heart.

    Withal dark her dress becomes luminous,
    a ship wreck of the beautiful & strange
    that won’t hold to remember such lengths
    of memories we save.

    A lugubrious fashion with bare feet,
    an elegant passion made of plenty
    of different spectrums we see.

    By eve her dress becomes old & wicked
    Like a dying sun-set and a pick-it fence
    to go with it. A wave of fabrics both cruel
    in time & unkind to her antagonist of love.

    A sly creature native to her skin
    as she needs no one and nothing
    to enjoy her womenly youth.

    She dances calm when storms
    of thoughts Jewel her favorite moves
    Early works & off-stage fantasies of
    robes & drapes now dreaming.

    Finally at night she knows too well,
    a story of socks stands tip-toed &
    un-footed to the people who have no nose.

    That a dress is a dress is a dress,
    until you take one off.


    Impurities & Imperfections
    Drink Straight Up
    On the Rocks
    Sometimes Shaken & Stirred
    Perhaps Shaken not stirred
    Not watered down

    Original without limitations
    No room for duplication or imitation
    It may be the greatest form of flattery
    Yet her irritation would just cause a calamity

    Like a 35mm non digital photograph
    Without Blur
    Simple Lenses, Some Complex
    No Flash Unless Absolutely Necessary

    Depths of me
    Unveiled one layer at a time
    You must read me line by line
    Not all of you will get this rhyme
    Unless taken one day at a time
    Feelings So Sublime
    Love, Laughter and Light
    Joy in every sight
    From the Daylight into the Night

    Raw, Not Raunchy
    Just Natural, Yet Juicy
    Like freshly picked fruits & vegetables
    As u patiently wait for them to ripen
    U can indulge with your senses
    Juicy, Sweet, though sometimes bitter
    Yet colorful & mostly refreshing

    Easily Smitten
    With Beautiful Words Flowing
    Direct, Honest and Inspiring

    Creative Flowing Energy
    Time Spinning
    Witty, Naughty
    Talented yet Modest

  6. The men in white keep coming, trying to take me down, strap me in, shut me out, exploit my fears and doubt, I remembered some people laughing, long crooked fingers stare me down, But I just keep on running, I don’t look back or turn around, A fence snagged my T shirt stopped me in my tracks, now I spend my days dizzy dreaming of coming back, A wise bum once told me we would all one day have a crown, we all swim in ignorance and the world is gonna drown, Just then I started sinking to the bottom really fast, I tried to save my self cause no one will take my back,The Men In white keep coming, trying to take me down, strap me in, shut me out, exploit my fears and doubt, My life was pried open with crowbars by a thief; I saw bits of my self in people on the streets, I’m out here searching for what might be left of me, I can’t tell the difference now between friend and enemy.

  7. la corona la estoy guardando en mi gaveta
    el dia que te decidas mi princesa
    para que me des un poquito de ti

    Ya van mil noches con un sueno
    tener siquiera un poquito de ti

    si voy rapido o muy lento
    si ando despistado o muy atento
    solo dame un poquito de ti

    que mas hay que hacer para cruzar nuestros dedos?
    para viajar al infinito sin regreso
    solo aceptame una cancion y doce rosas
    a cambio de un poquito de ti

    sera mucho pedir 25 horas al dia?
    para analizar tu sonrisa
    amborracharme de tu mirada
    y disfrutar esa resaca con un poquito de ti

    espero no estar pidiendo tanto
    solo incluirte en mi destino
    de verte siempre en mis recuerdos
    ver que tengo ese poquito de ti

    Diego Delgado

  8. Vi Su rostro tras un atardecer borroso.
    Quien pensaria que Esto seria?

    -Se encontraron dos miradas perdidas.

    Al bajar del sol
    Se curaron heridas
    Que no sellaban
    A pesar de la vejez del corazon.
    Mirando hacia adentro se siente el dolor.
    Asi que mire hacia adentro como so fuece in abismo

    Senti el dolor
    Y me encontre a mi mismo
    Reflejado en su mirada.
    En sus ojos resulto lo que no sumaba.

    El tiempo paso.
    El dia oscurecio,
    Y toda conexion con el fallecio….

    Y las miradas perdidas quedaron detenidas
    En un momento de sabiduria
    Que solo existe en la memoria.

    Y como sangre derramada
    Que gotea de una herida
    Las miradas perdidas jamas seran reunidas.


    Some call her “The Magic City”
    Some say she’s the “City of Lights”
    I’d say that’s more like downtown at night.
    It’s a City that never sleeps
    There’s usually always someplace open to eat
    She’s filled with so many beautiful sights
    From her international airport depart many flights
    As Miami is the only connection between the U.S. and many nations.

    So many cultures intertwined
    Language barriers cause strangers to collide
    It’s how we struggle to survive
    Its culture is what keeps our City alive
    There are two lines that come to mind that when said strangers unwind as it makes no difference what language you speak Miami they define:
    “Welcome to Miami” and “I Love U Miami” the first made famous by Will Smith (a famous American Hollywood star) and the latter by Livan Hernandez (a Cuban born baseball player) when he came to play baseball for the Marlins.

    She’s been my only home
    Her City Streets I’ve Roamed
    Sometimes Alone
    I’ve wanted to leave her for some time and now she is the subject of this rhyme
    As love for her I don’t deny after all she is the City of my conception & my birth.

    From Hialeah to Miami Lakes,
    Miami Springs to Miami Shores,
    Sweetwater to Westchester
    South Miami to West Kendall
    Coral Gables to Coconut Grove
    Homestead to Cutler Ridge
    All the way to the Biscayne Bridge
    So many more little cities to mention wanting to have their own identity
    But in reality it’s Miami all the same and yes that includes you the residents of Key Biscayne

    Continuously changing at rapid speeds it’s how we residents sometimes find it hard to leave. However for me I say the more things change the more they really stay the same.

    Watching the sunrise & the sunset are her sights you never forget many Nights & Mornings I don’t regret.

    As I travel through the city’s streets taking in all of the beautiful Miami beats I move my feet to the sounds and rhythms and feel the city’s hypnotisms. A city so methodical with its people trying to be so logical, perhaps it’s biological but take the time to read the daily periodical. A city filled with so much art, poetry, music, film and everything your heart can desire yet so very few are conscious and aware enough to admire. Take a minute and stop and smell the flowers it’ll fulfill your days every hour.

    As beautiful as you are
    Now here we are
    Just you and me and maybe the sound of the rain and the trees
    I love you as you love me as with you I’ve endured and shared many scars
    Some which have yet to heal as they’re not the kind that can be healed by just sharing a drink at the bar
    I’ve imagined loving you from afar even with as beautiful as you are

    The number 3 has been good to you and me but it’s also come with toxicity it exists in every City but lately it’s become less pretty I’m starting to feel some sort of pity
    Approaching 33 as this year I will be this toxicity is closing in on me to the point where I can’t breathe and the only cure may be to break free of this bond we share you and me my City.

    I think the time’s approaching where it’s time for me to leave as there are dreams I must achieve
    It’s not you I want to leave it’s your toxicity that’s killing me no matter what others perceive
    I know I must one day leave
    Next year I don’t know where I’ll be but Miami you’ll always be home to me.

    From Hialeah to Miami Lakes,
    Miami Springs to Miami Shores,
    Sweetwater to Westchester
    South Miami to West Kendall
    Coral Gables to Coconut Grove
    Homestead to Cutler Ridge
    All the way to the Biscayne Bridge
    So many more little cities to mention wanting to have their own identity
    But in reality it’s Miami all the same and yes that includes you the residents of Key Biscayne


    Miami has amazing talent we just need to collaborate & support each-other rather than compete with one another. We are all special in our own ways & can all contribute & make great things happen! I do my best to make… it out & support & when I can’t make it out my support is there in other ways. Those who know me well see that! However, I am aware of it all & of my surroundings. I am blessed that u have all entered my lives so now this is my way to say pay it forward. Spread the Word! Xoxo Karina, aka Mariposa!


  11. Defined: Poetry By: Karina Garcia

    No longer having an open mind
    You say this is your way of being kind to not mess with my mind
    However I wish we could rewind
    I liked it more when we both had open minds
    It made it easier to unwind & just enjoy the time

    I’d start fresh from the beginning when were both winning
    There was more to look forward to but now that too you have put behind
    That which was still a mystery but now that part of us could just be history
    Now instead there are too many restrictions
    Based on these set definitions and too many conditions

    I prefer things undefined
    I like things intertwined
    At least until the right time
    Instead I feel like you tossed me a line
    To free yourself from your own mind
    Perhaps that is you being kind
    But instead it messed with my mind

    Let’s together hit rewind
    It’s not as if we’ve taken up too much of each other’s time
    Now I’m just writing a rhyme
    Passing the time
    Wondering why?
    Yet I’d rather be intertwined together body, mind & soul
    Our bodies tangled together
    Discovering one another’s pleasures as your kisses for me were a treasure.
    Instead you took a drastic measure & took away the pleasure
    Making ourfriendship more defined & avoiding the risks of what could grow
    If you continued to go with the flow & just take it slow.

    Perhaps I’m too free spirited
    Your views & perspectives limited
    Needing more structure & taking more caution for emotions & friendships not to rupture
    I take risks and go with my gut feeling that which I know is revealing as that’s
    what makes life worth living despite if there are any hurt feelings the
    experience has more meaning that for which I’m less fearing perhaps I live my
    life dreaming

    No longer having an open mind
    You say this is your way of being kind to not mess with my mind
    However I wish we could rewind
    I liked it more when we both had open minds
    It made it easier to unwind & just enjoy the time


    Some days I feel as though I’ve been hexed
    As these days all I feel is vexed
    Like my life has been nothing but a wreck
    The kind where you have to leave it all behind and say
    What the heck? What are you going to throw at me next?
    As there’s nothing that’s going to lay me to rest
    I’ve survived many of life’s tests

    These days I find myself perplexed by your actions
    Surprised that in me they have yet to trigger an impulsive reaction
    As those have been known to just start a chain reaction
    The kind where in the end no one feels any satisfaction
    Although at times they ignite our chemical reactions

    For you my feelings have remained and never went away
    Although lately some days I think I’m going insane
    My heart has yet to stray
    Although I want for us to be together some day
    It’s perhaps time for my heart to stray and go another way
    As it seems your heart needs help finding it’s way even if it’s from me it strays

    I need peace and tranquility these days
    Wherever your heart goes whether back to me or to the mystery of this whoever is she
    Let me be unless you intend for us to become we
    So my heart can be free and I can continue being me and the light again I can see

    I may be somewhat masochistic in my ways
    As I give in to your sadistic ways
    With all the mind games that you play
    I think about you and your ways and torture myself with thoughts of our better days
    Wishing you’d of never strayed
    Wondering why when with me you could of stayed and kept some promises we made

    These days again I find myself perplexed by your actions
    Surprised they have yet in me to trigger an impulsive reaction
    It’s possible that I’m just being masochistic
    But must you really be so sadistic these days with all the things that you say
    Or is that just part of your evil ways
    Making it easier for you to in some way stay
    Rather than just go your own way
    So you can blame me for your unhappy days and your lazy ways
    Even when I do everything to stay out of your way
    So much I’ve kept myself away to the point I may have lost some friends along the way
    But who is to say that wasn’t just an excuse for them to just stray and me betray

    You find a way to crawl under my skin and make me cringe
    Without even the slightest glimpse nor the sight of you
    In ways that although:


    Have you nothing better to do than make me miserable even without the sight of you?
    It must make you feel better to leave me feeling under the weather
    I seem to think it gives you pleasure
    It’s as if you hold onto me like a pirates claimed treasure
    As if your manliness is being measured by your resistance to giving me the pleasure of us enjoying being happy together or at least letting go of me forever
    I am definitely to blame for letting you get under my skin and making me cringe
    But you’re definitely sadistic despite me being somewhat masochistic

  13. seasonal heart

    the turn of summer to fall
    and sinking deeper
    into my chest
    my heart
    beats dormant
    a tuber
    a bulb
    a corm
    faintly you hear
    from the surface
    of the forest floor
    you hear it
    from the forest litter
    beats up to the souls of your feet
    and blesses you on your walk.
    not dead, just sleeping
    a sleeplike death
    a slumber
    of renewal
    don’t miss it
    let it be the tempo
    that lights your way
    in the darkness to come.
    let it, i give it to you.

  14. Beware of the Poets
    by Alonso

    Beware of the poets, for yourself have a care
    If you heed not my warning, you may fall to despair
    A wise man was the Greek known as Plato
    Any student of philosophy will tell you so
    For he knew without any doubt all poets are liars
    Forging words in a furnace of mythical fires
    Castles of sand are soon swept away
    Believe in nothing a poet does say

    They are weavers of willful illusion
    Who offer the world their confusion
    Spreading about deceit
    With their every conceit
    Inspiring in all a foolish belief
    That could only bring about grief
    They will whisper nothings sweet
    In syllables of meter and beat
    Of a love that could never be
    And beauty no other could see
    Spreading fatuous dreams like an infection
    Leading astray with misguided direction

    Beware of the poets, of the poets beware
    Under their influence well may you not fair
    Do not listen to what they say or read what they write
    If they enter your presence banish them from your sight
    For poets will reach deep inside of you
    Stirring up passions you never knew
    Enrapturing the spirit with ideas of revolution
    But life offers no perfect or simple solution
    As the metaphors they so skillfully cast
    Fanciful thoughts are doomed not to last
    These artisans of the word
    Disseminating the absurd
    To all who are willing to hear
    So to the poets do not go near

    They are liars one and all
    A linguistic sirens call
    From their presence it is best to flee
    Lest their seductions start to tempt thee
    Divining enchantments designed to deceive
    So now it is best that all of you should leave
    For I am from that wicked clan
    That Plato thought it best to ban

    Listen all to my confession
    Be mindful of my expression
    For it will bring nations to their knees
    As chaos the world does seize
    Bringing both sadness and joy
    With these very skills I employ
    While every word that I control
    Reveals I bear a poet’s soul
    And we are damned but see with angelic eyes
    Speaking the truth veiled in metaphoric lies
    It is but a verbal masquerade
    By which the mind is swayed

    Beware the poets, I told you so
    But still you chose not to go
    So now you must decide the question
    Do you share in my transgression?
    Thus Zarathustra did so spake
    And now my leave it is time to take

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