What it means to be an Artist for Change…


What it means to be an Artist for Change

by Amy Saari

Posted by soundsorceress

I’m excited and honored to be a host for the upcoming One Hundred Thousand Artists for Change in Detroit later this month. But as I start to share what this event is all about, some people may roll their eyes and go, “Oh please; not another one of these hippie music fests that’s all talk and no action. Why don’t you start a soup kitchen and do some REAL helping around this god-forsaken community?”

I know, I know. Those of us who have visions of repeating Woodstock and having an impact on mainstream culture do have a tendency to get caught up in what I call the “musical picnic” part of such events, but that’s because most of us have forgotten what it means to be a live artist, especially now that we’re living in a digital media world where you can get any kind of music any time of the day for free and not think twice about it.

So when I say One Hundred Thousand Artists for Change, I do NOT want us to fall into the trap of thinking this is just an excuse for local artists to spout off or promote themselves so their digital music will fly around the world unhindered. We as artists have to be responsible for how we present events like this…read more

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