With enough of us speaking out, singing, reciting, painting our dreams and visions of peace we can change the world.

Ceelife Magnificent God-Allah-Columbus, Ohio P.E.A.C.E on The Streets and Peace on Streets! Franklin I. Sims-Los Angeles, CA! G.L. Morrison-Portland, Oregon! Migena Arllati –  Gjakova, Kosove “Pegasi”! Leonardo Melero- Caracas, Venezuela  Liceo Poético de Benidorm! G.L. Morrison- Portland and Eugene, Oregon Oregon Communist Party! Terfa Nenger-Calabar, Nigeria! Bob Putnam-Charlottesville, VA! Askala Sanjua George- Tobago, Republic of Trinidada and Tobago! Ana Fiorenza- Buenos Aires, Argentina! Kevin Smith -North Bay, Ontario, Canada! Family In Christ Outreach Ministries w/ Peace On Streets, Norristown, PA! Sheina Leoni y Lía Fernández- Montevideo, Uruguay!Daniela Tomé Mar del Plata, Argentina!

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