Macedonian [re]call for 100 TPC

:OK, before is too late (even that there is nothing like this) me Mitko Gogov, I decide to share a couple of things based on a true story 😉 . .. abut d first edition of d poetry event/ festival 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Strumica, Macedonia.

I am youth worker, conceptual artist, published poet and short stories writer ( there will be my full info & bio in d end of d post) that besides my main activity as creator of my dreams, ideas via tools that I’m able to use, I have experience in entrepreneurship and organizing events, small & big. ..different street art festivals, concert, promotions . .. also as training courses, youth exchanges, educative flash-mobs, performances as youth worker with d help of programs for non-formal education and youth development.

So, d motivation in me starts when I saw on big bridge web page that there are still not published spots for events in d Balkans and I decide to make d call for creating/ organizing an event that will take a place in my city, in my country and will sent a signal supporting d main objective, aim, message that Michael Rothenberg have with this initiative.

After I receive d first official mail from d organization that my call is approved and I have some coordinates based on d main information about d event I decide to inform my  network for d idea that I support and for d first steps that I made for having this big global event in our country. I open a blog and make open call for activism poetry that push for global changes from any type.

After I share d event on facebook I start receiving very big respond. I was happy and motivated to continue with d organization of this event even that it was still early, before d summer. .. then I had an idea to make other call for #design of d poster for d event. I have few creative groups where I shared d information and in last then 24 hours I already had 4 posters for d event.

I am very happy for this idea and for d opportunity to collaborate with d global community of poets and writers all inspiring each others for d job that we are doing. Friend of mine wrote me on facebook that is interested with small team to participate and make a video for d event. I was already sure that I’ll have d support from d local TV stations and I give him positive answer. All at all I think there was some big positive energy floating during d whole organization and soon after we receive positive call from d municipality of our city and d major Zoran Zaev that this event will be supported in a chance to be better realized.

September was on d door and it was time for more concrete things connect with d event. The contact with d print office was ready, d blog was full with poetry. .. there were few more people besides me, helping this event to grow in good direction, Verica Patarova and Gonce Piliceva. There are more then 5o poets on our blog and yet to come for d new edition of this event.
Because almost all (ok ALL) of d posters that we receive on d call were very good, everyone special and unique in his own way we decide that is good to PRINT THEM ALL!. .. d city was full with posters for our event. D video was streaming on d TV, in d news. .. and there were a lot of information about d event in d newspapers [1, 2, 3..] ezines, special web pages for culture and literature inform their readers.

.For d event we decide that is best if we do it in (3) parts on [3] different places in d city. The first place was one kinder garden, we use to make open film projection during one film festival in which organization I took part (AsterFest) and d ambient there is perfect for small number of audience.

The time for start was 19:00 o’clock (ok, 19:15) and then when d day was ending we start with d reading. I was pretty excite and surprised. .. there were cameras all around, all d tv stations and journalist from my city visited our event and that was not all. More then 2o poets from whole Macedonia join d reading, friends that were here just as quests from everywhere, everyone with his free will to come and take part in raising d voice for global change. That’s right there were poets who think global but act local. Strong with their poetry they (we) were changing d reality with d help of our words.

Sharing our perspectives we create d puzzle that push for change in our country. And yes d media was here. .. recording this new movement that don’t recognize prizes, that is eternal grateful to d global knowledge and participative in sharing d love for bigger awareness.
The second (dark & relaxed) stage (20:30)  in d small park in d city . .. mostly was tranquil conversation and sharing poetry books between d quests.
The third stage for reading was in d new Ancient Theater in d city park from 22:00 o’clock, d main reading in my way. I deeply appreciate d visit poets/ quests also as d local one cause together we made event that was unique in many ways, positive, friendly and with writers that don’t hesitate themselves to go on d stage and read part of their poems once and once. We didn’t even think of d time and d audience like in a dream was enjoying d poetry program more then 2 hours. It was time for a drink. The best time to stop and with positive greetings & wish each others meeting in d same place next year.

Veronika Kostadinova, Boban Bogatinovski, Iva Apostolska, Brit Lilit, Verica Patarova, Davor Stojanov, Goko Bushaviot, Ivan Veta, Slagana Atanasova, Pance Kosev, Julija Ojden, Nadica Trenceva, , and besides them we read poetry from people who were not able to come but respected in d small poetry community in our country as Mane Manushev, Aneta Vasileva, Vasko Markovski, Ivan Antonovski, Julijana Velickovska and much more..

I must mention all of d poster designers, I really appreciate their job and hope for their help in d visibility of d event that comes: Daniel Janev, Aleksandar Peshevski, Zivko Paketov, Vera Green, Dragi Vasilev, Sadbi Aziri, kihuPotru, Elena Banchotovska, Gonce Pilicheva. .. and it’s just not possible to skip d video makers Nebojsha Stojanoski, Dejan Stanokevich and Aleksandar Apostolov.



:so, I hope u like our presentation, u like d event that we made just to show light from spot in d Balkans that is willing for changes and that here we have a lot of good poets ready to raise their voice for global Change! one more time before I end this post I’ll mention You if u want to check OUR BLOG PAGE, d only place for now where we keep our poetry from all d poets around! [connect with this event] ::: see ya this year, d preparation for d 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Strumica, Macedonia started. .. see y this September again! much love, bless, bliss & light! ~

Mitko Gogov aka kihuPotru

youth worker that works with young people from everywhere, push for social inclusion and volunteering. youth trainer provides different creativity workshops as: forum theater, multimedia, stick art, street art, graffiti, use of organic and recycled materials in contemporary art, handmade ..and social aspects as PEER & non-formal education, EVS, youth participation etc..

Conceptual/ multimedia artist with few expos, performances and art installations behind, showed in France, Norway, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia.. published poet and short stories writer, translated on English (USA, Philippines), Serbian, Croatian, Italian, Indian [telugu] and Bulgarian.

Active graffiti painter and word as a [dj] with the name Dzamski, specializing in psychedelic trance, dark forest, experimental and ambient sounds.

Blogger, open for communication!
#culture #art #media

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