Santa Clara, California

ORGANIZER: Bill Costley


Hello, I’d like to register an event for Sat. 24 SEP at Valley Village Retirement Community in Santa Clara CA by the ‘other’ St. Mark’s Poetry Project, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Santa Clara CA.  Participating poets include Bill Costley, Anita Holzberg, Karl Kadie, Sharon Martin, Katherine Wilson, Ginny Zeitman & others yet to opt in.


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Santa Clara, California — 2 Comments

  1. Here is a poem read at Valley Village, Santa Clara CA on 24 SEP.

    Repugs Conclude

    A time-traveller asks
    R-presidential candidates
    to discuss welfare: First
    they call it workfare, then
    they call it payfare.
    Devoid of any idea
    of a life worth living,
    they won’t consider
    population control,
    finally reaching a really
    Repugnant Conclusion:

    A world of miserable people
    is more affordable than
    a world of happy people.

    (15 SEP 11, Santa Clara CA) v5

  2. When you think of it
    (if you do think of it),
    money’s relative:
    tiny amounts of money
    prime the dry sumps
    of crushing poverty;
    obscene money creates
    overwhelming disparity.
    Correct that disparity.

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