El Paso, Texas — 7 Comments

  1. Tumblewords Project of excited to represent El Paso, Texas this effort to affect the world through the social consciousness. Best wishes, Donna Snyder, Founder and Coordinator

  2. Of course, you can count on me, Donna,
    count on my mouth and my guitar.
    Let us harness the power of 10,000 poets.
    We could change the world.
    – Gene Keller

  3. Excited to have been part of a historic, world-wide event, 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Thank you TumbleWords for the opportunity!

  4. It was a wonderful event! We will soon post our writing, images and video of the wonderful event hosted for TumbleWords Writing project in El Paso,TX by Donna Snyder! Great readers presented and vivid writing in hopes for Change were produced and will continue to share the inspirational message!

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