Subterranean Arthouse-Berkeley, CA



LOCATION: Subterranean Art House

2179 Bancroft Way(between Shattuck & Fulton), Berkeley, CA, 94704

100 Thousand Poets for Change
“A demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change”Saturday, September 24th at 8pm
The Subterranean Arthouse
(2179 Bancroft Way in Downtown Berkeley)
with featured poets MamaCoAtl, Chris Cole, Jenny Newman, and Sam Pierstorff, hosted by Maya Dorn. The second half of the evening will feature 10 -as of now unamed- poets selected through our submissions process, reading shorter pieces, including Jennifer Arin, Margaret Stawowy, Sean Feit, Page Getz, Zac Walsh, Lenore Weiss and Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin
$10 at the door

*Earlier in the evening at 7pm,  Moe’s Books, a few blocks away is hosting the same event with poets Gloria Frym, Joseph Lease, and Donna De la Perrier.  Come to both!
MamaCoAtl, Barrio Poet, Songstress, Curandera, Artivist, works for the reconnection of the human soul with the living Earth through music prayer and political action. MamaCoAtl

Chris Cole sits on the board of the San Francisco literary organization Quiet Lightning and is a co-founder of the popular Pints and Prose reading series. Under the name, Disembodied Poetics, Chris writes a daily blog of verse and occasional prose to thousands of dedicated followers. His first novel is The Speed at Which I Travel and is about an existentialist, time-traveling teenager from the Midwest. Chris Cole

Jenny Overman is a native New Yorker currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. Her first book  of poetry, “I’m so White in Some Ways,” has sold nationally. She is currently working on a second book. Jenny Overman

Sam Pierstorff is the founding editor of Quercus Review, a national journal of prose and poetry, and host of Modesto’s monthly poetry slam, Slam on Rye. His debut poetry collection, Growing Up in Someone Else’s Shoes, was published by World Parade Books last year, and most recently, he won an Award of Merit from the California Association of Teachers of English.Sam Pierstorff

Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin .pdf

Zac Walsh Athens, June 28.pdf

sean feit – while.pdf

sean feit – in the closing weeks of the tiger year.pdf

Page Getz.pdf

Margaret Stawowy.pdf

Lenore Weiss.pdf

Jennifer Arin.pdf

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