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  1. I would like to participate but I also need more information before I can commit to it. Thank you for your efforts in this!

  2. Folks, Donora’s e-mail address is posted above. I just dropped her a note. Hope to hear that this event is going forward in the Motor City.

  3. Hello all, and thanks! I recently sent an email to all interested parties whose addresses I presently have. 100,000 Poets for Change — Detroit will be held at AJ’s Music Cafe in Ferndale ( I read there recently and liked the atmosphere, and we’ll be set up with microphones, a stage (or two), and whatever else we may need. The objective is to have a marathon performance/reading to benefit a local charity (please offer suggestions), and I’ll do my best to garner publicity. I’m next going to work on creating our event page on Facebook. Thanks again for your advance support — now let’s get the word out!

  4. so very glad Detroit will participate. I’ll be there and reading, I hope. The U of M Law Center to Stop Human Trafficking sounds excellent or the Ruth Ellis Center in DETROIT–let’s keep it in the city.

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