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    mad enough to kill
    for what is taken

    to move and remove
    the male obstructions and their zeal for power

    dressed in suits and groomed to perfection

    cut their faces open to bleed out the poison
    then cry into their eyes to wash away the blindness

    when rage chainsaws
    through their ribs to have a deep
    ponderous look
    at their hearts
    if hearts are even inside them
    instead of little bundles of our money
    will rage break down weeping and exhausted?

    Government for the people
    can no longer exist

    we have been divided away
    a selection of cattle and pawns

    in greedfest and thieves feast and asylum rule as the mouth of law
    turns a slow bone
    to suck
    the last drops of delicious flavor from the barbequed workers
    of America

    Is this what the founding fathers felt
    against England to make

    a decision opposed to the learned sanctity of human love
    to bear arms
    against oppression
    and then write it as a law
    into their newly fashioned Constitution?

    Statesmen whose somewhat shining souls
    leered out of the the dim background of slavery which housed them
    unwittingly spellbound by ideals of freedom
    for all

    What future
    holds these truths to be self evident?

    Jails of poverty for all
    jails of steel and concrete for the angry poor
    ignorant of the fineries of diplomacy
    trapped in the vagaries of street thug ignorance
    more useful for the richest plunderers who make whatever laws they choose
    the white assassins of the American dream machine

    the ones
    whose highest courts
    give corporations godly power over us all

    the men who talk in dark bloody sentences about the sanctity of the rich

    and how the poor must pay them

    for crumbs

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