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  1. on september 24, 2011, I will be spending sunrise to sunset in a place that is very special to me. though the official event starts somewhat later, the restored wetland north of lake cunningham in douglas county, nebraska is a place I go often. the wetland birds have returned, the aquatic life is thriving, and despite the trucks going down hiway 36, and the planes flying above, it is a peaceful place where I can set my mind free.

    through the course of the day, I will be joined by friends I know, and friends I’ve never met. there will be poetry. and music. and good energy to share. I’ll probably bake a lot of cookies the night before. my cookies are the stuff of legend in some circles.

    I’m still working on the skype network. skype is a new thing to me. I’m typing on a 15 year old computer. I guess one of my methods of recycling is to use something as long as it can be made to work, so I’m pretty slow to jump on any new technoligical bandwagons,this old clunker does everything I need it to do, I see no need to add to the amount of petroleum products in my life. anyway, my plan is to post the links to all the skype channels I can muster, I’ll have them here, and on my facebook page, please feel free to email me on any topic as regards 100,000 poets for change.
    peace and love,

    platte river rain’s scruffy river rat george

  2. after some consideration of the issues dearest to me, I have decided it would be appropriate to move my event location from the wetland(which isn’t in direct peril from the proposed keystone xl pipeline) to a picturesque spot on the platte river (which is in direct peril) just west of omaha, nebraska. peace, river rat george

  3. so, things are still going on all over the world! wehad a bit of a mishap on the river with my laptop, which may or may not be toast. fortunately, the videocamera was and is fine, so as soon as I get a chance to digitize the footage, we’ll have a nice couple of hours of music and poetry on the river. it was a beautiful day, and a kind person in the closest villiage was nice enough to let me borrow a ‘puter long enough to post a “technical difficulty” message on my facebook, sadly, I couldn’t remember the complete url here. anyway, since events are still sprouting up allover, I think we’ll also head back out on tuesday, and see if we can involve a few more people. one thing about nebraskans, saturdays in the fall are cornhusker football events, I never got the sports thing myself, but most everyone else here drops everything for saturdays. my vagabond music family, however, would rather have poetry and music on the river 🙂 kudos to everyone for the amazing good energy you continue to send around the world! peace and love, river rat george. ps, youtube links coming soon! much love!

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