Nagpur, India (WPM)

Pushpendra Falgun: Mor Hindi bhavan’ Seetabardi. 1700 hrs to 1900

On September 24th we here in Nagpur, India had a evening dedicated to poetry.
as you know the poetry reading program was organised at Tulseeta art gallery, Manish Nagar Nagpur.
Renowned Marathi Poet Mr. Loknath Yashwant chaired the program.
Pushpendra Falgun Read the WPM declaration and briefed about the WPM to the audience present there.

Poetry reading Program started by the reading of young Hindi Poet Hemdhar Sharma. Then Neha Bhandarkar read her poems. afterwards Nafees Alam, Sunieta Zhade, Umesh Yadav, Pushpendra Falgun, Dr. Govind Prasad Upadhyay, Dr. Ratnakar Bhelkar and Basant Tripathi read there Poems. Lastly, Loknath Yashwant read his Poems and after the thanksgiving the program concluded. Mr. Umesh Yadav conducted the Program.

The Poems read at the program were in Hindi and Marathi Language. I’m translating them into English. Very Soon they will be available for you friends to read.

email Id’s of the poets present at the program;

Hemdhar Sharma, Neha Bhandarkar, Nafees Alam, Sunieta Zhade,
Umesh Yadav, Govind Prasan Upadhyay, Loknath Yashwant, Basant Tripathi, and Ratnakar Bhelkar.




Organized by World Poetry Movement


Larry Weiss-Nashville, TN

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Over the past four decades, Larry Weiss has achieved creative heights some would envy. He is a multi-awarded songwriter for his iconic Rhinestone Cowboy. His songs span the creative from the late Nat Cole to the incomparable Jeff beck, from Eric Burdon and the Animals to Dolly Parton, from Wilson Pickett to Neil Diamond to Radiohead.

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Inspired by his song, Weiss was the driving force behind getting the film Rhinestone made, Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton its stars.

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Larry, expanding his story telling for feature film, and leaning towards inspirational and family values, has written an adventure/fantasy story for feature film called The Last Magician.

He has also acquired the rights to the amazing life story of Maximilian Sikinger, the man who helped start the nature boy movement in California in the 1940’s, and whose persona inspired the song Nature Boy launching the singing career of Nat Cole.

"Blues in the Night" painting by Larry Weiss

In his spare time, Weiss, an abstract painter, is a singer/songwriter who performs mostly for charity in various venues domestically and abroad. His original version of Rhinestone Cowboy attracted Glen Campbell to record the song when he first heard it on the radio. Larry’s latest CD release, Cuts and Scratches is on the Cape Records International label.

Larry Weiss, born in New Jersey, who began his writing career in the 1960’s on the streets of New York, has also lived in Los Angeles. He has two daughters and a son all involved in the entertainment field. Nashville Tennessee has been his home over the past twenty years.

For more about Larry Weiss, kindly view his website, RhinestoneCowboy.Com.

Oxford, Mississippi


CONTACT: jldavis2@olemiss.ed

Poets in Oxford, Mississippi are gearing up to participate in 100,000 Poets for Change.
We will scatter short and striking poems in a variety of ways. We will print and hand out
poems on bookmarks, coasters, broadsides, post-its, and cups. We will also display poems
in chalk drawings, store-front windows, etc.

On September 24th–the day of a big football home game–people in Oxford who never read poetry will have no choice.
We’re going to plaster our town with lines and stanzas.